Brentwood Home Mattress Review

Brentwood Home is a LA based firm committed to developing sleeping goods which are as safe and natural as possible.

With this review I took a glance in their latest memory foam mattress, their Bamboo Gel 13. For more information on the varying sizes / models visit our full comparison of all Brentwood Home mattresses here.

The Brentwood Home Bamboo Gel 13 mattress is produced in the united states and built by a combination of gel memory foam, wool, ventilated service foam, and also wrapped in a bamboo infused cap. But does the Brentwood Home mattress have just what it takes to pass the Sleepopolis mattress evaluation?

Brentwood Home Mattress Review


Top layer (relaxation and cooling) — this is really a 3.5″ coating of gel memory foam. This is the primary relaxation coating for the mattress and creates excellent pressure relief, contouring support, and body shaping. The gel can help to avoid some warmth retention in the memory foam and also maintain the sleeping area cool. In 3.5″ thick this is actually a quite thick top comfort layer, especially in contrast to numerous other online mattresses.

Middle coating (support and cooling) — this is really a two″ coating of ventilated support foam.

Bottom coating (foundational) — this is really a 7.5″ high density service foam. This layers functions as the foundation base and provides contour and stability to your mattress.



The cover of this Brentwood Home mattress is built by means of a mix of polyester and bamboo. It’s designed to help maintain the sleeping surface cool and deliver a gentle feel to sleepers.

Most online mattress companies utilize ultra thin covers design to assist sleepers feel a great deal more direct watertight touch.

Close by the Brentwood mattress cover

This surplus thickness gives the mattress a little more “weight” and prominent sense within the region.

This permits the cap to be eliminated, which can be beneficial in case that you would like to put wash out the mattress (spot cleaning only, don’t machine wash / dry the mattress).

The Brentwood Home Bamboo Gel 13 mattress comes in at a 5-6 from 10 regarding the firmness scale. It has a medium texture which will fulfill the requirements of the majority of sleepers.

Brentwood home mattress firmness level — 5-6 from 10, where 10 is the most firm

Possibly the very typical complain sleepers have with memory foam is that the outcome that the heftier hug and contour has on warmth retention, causing sleepers to warm up during the nighttime. The Brentwood Home mattress also includes this classic memory foam feel. As soon as you first lie concerning the mattress it will take a few minutes to the mattress to accommodate to some size and contour.

The top coating of polyurethane allows sleepers to sink 1-2″ (more if you are a bigger individual) creating a kiss which is notable. But even with this amount of kiss that the mattress will do a fantastic job of staying cool during the nighttime. Sleepers that are really sensitive to heat might find the mattress warmer than they like by virtue of having more of your body’s surface in contact with the mattress via the heftier hug (these sleepers will find one of Brentwood’s latex or coil mattresses a far better fit).

I discovered that the mattress offered exceptional service. The thicker complete profile and also thicker relaxation layers do a fantastic job of providing support even with the increased level of sinkage and hug. Sleeping close to the boundary wasn’t incredible, since the deeper amount of sinkage simply don’t allow the boundaries to properly encourage sleepers. Most memory foam mattresses, especially those with deeper body shaping battle with benefit support.




Sinkage and mattress hug are incredibly important. The sinkage in various positions and places on the mattress can dramatically alter the feel and total experience. Each mattress reviewed on Sleepopolis goes via precisely the specific same sinkage evaluations. I created the following evaluations to help better explain the subtle differences between each mattress squeeze, contour, and sinkage.

Lying on back — in a routine lying position in my back with my weight evenly distributed I experienced 1-1.5″” of sinkage

Lying on side — in a routine lying position in my own side I experienced 1.5-2″ of sinkage

Sitting on boundary (conservative) — in a conservative sitting position, in which my weight was positioned a bit further back to the mattress, I experienced 3-3.5″ of sinkage

Sitting on boundary (aggressive) — in a more aggressive sitting position, in which my weight has been positioned directly onto the edge of this bed, I experienced 4-4.5″ of sinkage

Standing in middle — in a standing position, to show the way the mattress performs under maximum tension, I experienced 5.5-6″ of sinkage

Your sinkage will probably be different according to your weight, size, and body shape.


The Brentwood Home Bamboo Gel 13 mattress is an ideal mix of traditional memory foam hug and contour with innovative cooling attributes. I would recommend that the Brentwood Home mattress to sleepers who:

It requires the mattress a few moments to accommodate to changes in motion. Sleepers who need instantaneous foam reaction will most likely not like the sensation.

Desire a medium firm sense — which the Bamboo Gel 13 mattress has a medium firmness in the 5-6 out of 10 scope (in which 10 is the very firm).

Desire improved cooling + memory hug — for sleepers which are looking for the classic memory foam mill, but don’t have to be hot, the Brentwood Home mattress hits a nice equilibrium. The combination of bamboo infused cover, wool backing, ventilated foam, and gel memory foam function together to maintain the mattress cooler even considering that the deeper memory foam mill. However, for heavy sleepers or other sleepers who sleep very warm, you might find that the nature of the increased hug to be too warm.

This is especially important for sleepers who want a deeper hug, but are afraid of bottoming out the mattress, or for sleepers which are a bit on the heavier side.


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